Ncmp Architects was founded in 1995 by Nefeli Capon and Matteo Pergamian. Their base is Athens and their activity includes both design and construction in a variety of projects in Greece.

  • Residential: new residential complexes / renovations / restorations
  • Commercial: car showroom design for the brands BMW, MINI, Fiat/ Abarth /Alfa Romeo, Lancia / Jeep, Αston Martin, Suzuki Moto, Personal Best, Renault.
  • Office buildings: BMW Hellas Headquarters, Aprillia Headquarters inGreece, Sfakianakis Headquarters, Saracakis headquarters.
  • Exhibitions: study and construction of single stands in commercial exhibitions since 1991 (BMW, MINI, Fiat/ Alfa Romeo/ Lancia, KIA, Suzuki, Volvo, Aprilia, Renault) / Planning for entire exhibitions (Art Athina 2010-11).
  • Corporate Identity design and implementation: design guidelines for the brands SUZUKI and KIA inGreece. Official architects for the brands Fiat / Abarth / Alfa Romeo and BMW / Mini Hellas inGreece. Collaboration with the following brands: Aston Martin, Lancia / Jeep , Kia, Volvo, Ford, Renault, Aprillia.>
  • Design: design of furniture and special structures in residences, exhibitions and commercial spaces.